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It doesn’t get any more “Apartheid” than this 

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Filipino UN peacekeepers in Golan clash with Syrian rebels: govt



Philippine UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights clashed with Syrian rebels Saturday, Defence Minister Voltaire Gazmin said in Manila. He said in an SMS statement to reporters that the Filipino troops had been “extricated” from one of their two positions but added that another group of Filipino soldiers “is now under attack”. He was referring to two positions on the Golan Heights where more than 70 Filipino troops had previously been surrounded by Syrian rebels.
Source: AFP

Last update: peacekeepers escape to Israel from Syria.

Israel Four year old Daniel Tragerman killed by Hamas rocket fire...media silent


The mainstream media continues to breathlessly parrot Hamas’s propaganda about Israel targeting civilians, despite the fact that Hamas routinely uses civilians as human shields. However, with the news a 4-year-old Israeli boy’s death at the hands of Hamas, the media is totally silent.



Lets face it: You’re not a Human Rights activist, You’re just a racist anti-Semite


Nation in mourning as 4-year-old Daniel laid to rest.

At Daniel Tragerman’s funeral, President Rivlin says Israel and residents of South “paid with blood that has no price.”

Hundreds of people, among them President Reuven Rivlin, attended the funeral Sunday of Daniel Tragerman, 4, who was killed by shrapnel on Friday when a mortar shell fired from the Gaza Strip exploded near his home at Kibbutz Nahal Oz.

“We were the happiest family in the world, and I just cannot come to grips with it,” said Daniel’s mother Gila Tragerman, at the funeral.

“We wanted to say thanks (to Daniel); you taught us how to love and you gave us so much joy. I find solace in the fact that you were a loved and happy child until your last minute.“We wanted to protect you but even the code red siren failed to save you,” she continued.

“You would always run first and call your little brother (to the shelter), and then in a second it ended. We don’t want to say goodbye.You are the love of my life, the perfect child, every parent’s dream: smart, sensitive, ahead of his age group and beautiful, so beautiful. We always said that you’d be the youngest world leader who would bring peace; so, if not in life then, we hope, in death.”

“Kibbutz Nahal Oz, you have paid in blood, which is beyond price,” Rivlin said, addressing a crowd composed largely of residents of rocket-battered southern communities. “An entire country is embracing you.”

Speaking of Tragerman, Rivlin said he was “a boy too small to cross the road by himself but old enough to know what a code red is, because that is also dangerous.”


On average, a rocket is fired from Gaza every ten minutes. Thousands of Israelis in the south have only 15 seconds to save their lives. REBLOG.

News: 5 rockets were fired from Syria and one rocket were fired from Lebanon into Israel last night.


Crownies, Episode 10


Janet Kingfor those of you who want to see a legal/political drama where the lead character is a gay woman and it is treated as just another facet to her character. You know, like every straight character ever written.


Moments before Hamas terrorists executed 18 Palestinians in Gaza for allegedly spying for Israel - 22 August 2014


This is Daniel.

He was 4 years old when a rocket. fired from Gaza, killed him on Friday August 22nd.

He left parents, a 3 years old sister and a 6 months baby brother.

share this to show Hamas’ rockets DO hurt innocent people and children.

share the truth.

May he rest in peace.


Friendly reminder that Al Jazeera is owned by the Al Jazeera Media Network which is funded by the Qatari ruling family, and Hamas is funded by Qatar. Don’t expect Al Jazeera to report on the Israel-Hamas conflict in an objective and impartial way.