You Won’t Believe What the Son of a Hamas Leader Just Said on CNN!

A high-profile Hamas critic, and son of one the group’s leaders, struck out at the terrorist group for its “worship of death” and its plans to establish a global caliphate, in a recent interview.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, a Hamas defector who worked for 10 years as an informer for the Shin Bet, explained to CNN last week that, for Gaza’s rulers, human life is of no consequence.

“Hamas does not care about the lives of Palestinians, or the lives of Israelis, or Americans; they don’t care about their own lives,” Yousef said. “They consider dying for their ideology a way of worship.

“Hamas is not seeking coexistence and compromise; Hamas is seeking conquest,” he added. “The destruction of the state of Israel is not the Hamas final destination.”

Hamas, Yousef asserted, wants to build an Islamic state “on the rubble of every other civilization.”

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The residents of southern Israel live in constant fear. Hamas’ vast tunnel network enables terrorists to infiltrate Israel and carry out attacks. Share their reality.


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Anonymous said:
Those are some interesting news choices considering Al Jazeera, cnn are saying something

I assume you mean something else .. (?)
Sure they will say something else. All media will report on the situation from a different perspective that is compatible with its ideology.
..״There is no one truth״

Anonymous said:
Yes that's wonderful what news articles care to cite them?

Lol. I’m sorry I had to 😜

My fav’ site is this one,7340,L-3083,00.html

Also you can read more about both sides in this site

Anonymous said:
Where are you getting your information from ?


So they tried to sent a rocket at our cities.RIGHT NOW, FROM A HOSPITAL . It didn’t work , THEY KILLED 10 INNOCENT PEOPLE , 8 KIDS . HAMAS DID.

Hamas fired a missile at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital.
But what you will hear is that Israel is the one that struck the hospital.

Again, it decided to ceasefire.
Israel stopped while Hamas continues to fire on Israel.


In the mist of all this, don’t forget Sderot.



let_my_people_know "A few minutes ago there was an alarm at Beer Sheva. I stopped my car at the junction. A car stopped near me and a father and an infant got out. We found cover near a wall. A second later a man came, in the black t-shirt, who didn’t know the father or baby, and covered them with his body." All I can say is Am Yisroel Chai. Repost from @milabakaleinik

This just brought tears to my eyes…Am Yisrael Chai! 

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This photo is the bomb! #Photobomb (via MichaelChiklis)


Women Who Kickass Panel at SDCC 14 (photographed by Tifferini Photography).